Salt water taffy is due become the official state candy for New Jersey. A group of astute fifth graders from Sayreville’s Samsel Upper Elementary School testified before a government panel this week to make their love of Salt Water Taffy official. Making Salt Water Taffy the official state candy will help attract tourism and business activity for the Jersey coast. Salt Water Taffy is truly a local treasure with a rich history born on the boardwalks of New Jersey.


Interestingly, salt water taffy has no salt water in it. In the late 1800s a young entrepreneur opened a taffy store on the New Jersey boardwalk. One fine evening the tide took him by surprise and soaked the taffy stand in salt water. The next morning a little girl approached the stand and asked if she could have a piece of salt water taffy. The rest is history. This sweet history gave the world its first salt water taffy. For more information visit the New Jersey shore or the source links below.

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