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July 07 is World Chocolate day. To help celebrate this amazing day, here is a list of the worlds most amazing chocolate accomplishments.

  • The largest peanut butter cup is 440-pound of chocolate made by the Candy Factory in LA USA
  • The largest chocolate bar measured 1,531.9 ft² and was prepared by Čokoladnica Cukrček in Radovljica, Slovenia,
  • The largest chocolate truffle weighs 2,368 lb 8 oz and was achieved by Sweet Shop USA in Mount Pleasant, Texas
  • Largest box of chocolate from Thorntons and Russell weighs in at 3,725 pounds. The box was more than 16 feet long and 3 feet deep.
  • Largest chocolate fountain in the world is a 14-feet high fountain that includes 500 feet of pipes and flowing with 2100 pounds of melted chocolate and the Bellagio Las Vegas USA.
  • Tallest chocolate sculpture is a  20-foot 8-inch replica of three New York skyscrapers: Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building. The art work required 2,200 pounds of chocolate!
  • Most expensive chocolate dessert is a $25,000 chocolate sundae from Serendipity 3 in NY USA.
  • Largest Chocolate Mousse. took 108 pounds of chocolate, 66 pounds of butter, 24 pounds of egg yolk, 20 pounds of sugar, 50 quarts of heavy cream and five gallons of milk to break the World Record.
  • World’s Biggest chocolate chip Cookie is 102 feet wide and weighs over 40,000 pounds!
  • Largest chocolate bar mosaic is 197.52 ft² made with 1,500 bars of white chocolate and red colored white chocolate (strawberry flavored) by 
  • Largest chocolate rabbit weighed 9,359.7 lbs!
  • Largest chocolate firework was made by Nestlé, measuring 3 m 9.8 ft high and 4.9 ft in diameter and containing 132 lb of Swiss Cailler chocolates
  • Largest fashion show of chocolate dresses was produced by Le Salon du Chocolat with 23 chocolate outfits worn by models on a catwalk

chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain – Source: Wikimedia Commons

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