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Zeba Kohli, is known as the chocolate lady of India. She is a master chocolatier born and raised within the wonderful world of chocolate. Kohli, is the head of Fantasie Fine Chocolates, one of India’s oldest brands of handmade chocolates. She is respected teacher on all the mysteries of chocolate. Here is a list of great things we learned from India’s chocolate lady.

Zeba Kohli

Zeba Kohli – Photo: Nalin Solanki –

Chocolate tasting and fun facts

You must hear a snap when you take a little bite, then let the chocolate melt on your palette for a little while. Finally, let it fall smoothly down the throat to enjoy the finish.

Like wine, you must cleanse the pallet with water when tasting many types of chocolate at the same time.

Cocoa trees are primarily grown in the coastal regions of Africa and South America, but chocolate is not known by the region the cocoa originates from.

As we fine with Wine and coffee, chocolate made from beans of a single region or farm is known as single origin chocolate.

The flavor of chocolate from a single area is often influenced by the soil, climate and vegetation.

Dark chocolate made from Tanzania beans will be very fruity because of its wild soil quality. However, the same chocolate from Ecuador is mild and leaves a lot of space for fruitiness and aromas. It also has notes of red fruits, grass and flowers.

Sugar free chocolate will not help you lose weight. It contains a lot of cocoa butter and natural sugars. A 200g bar of a dark chocolate, which is about 80% to 90% dark, will still have 1110 calories.

Cocoa trees can grow to be around 20-ft tall.

Many chocolates made in India contain vanaspathi. Cocoa butter is becoming too expensive. So they take it out of the chocolate and use vanaspathi instead. Vanaspathi may not be great for your health.

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