It sounds compelling. Take two things people absolutely love and combine them to make something new. We consume millions of gallons in beer each year and more lollipops than you can imagine. It was only matter of time before someone created the elusive Beer Lollipop, and that time is now.Lollipops

The Lollyphile candy company has a rich history of experimental Lollipop research. They already produce wine and whisky lollipops in a variety of unusual flavors. Their vegan approved breast milk lollipop is a taste to behold. If Lollyphile produced a movie it would be something like Frankenstein Meets Willy Wonka in the Lollipop Factory.

Lollyphile has taken a bold step into uncharted Beer Lollipop waters. They have produced a line of lager, and stout lollipops based customer demand. These lollipops are controversial. A recent independent taste test by a group of beer aficionados gave these new lollipops a very low grade. Even so, they are selling quite well and developing a cult following. In my view the control group for this taste test was flawed. Beer aficionados are easy to find. Finding test subjects that love beer and lollipops equally is not as

You can read more about the taste test and results through source link below. No matter how you feel about beer lollipops one this is certain. Lollyphile is a candy innovator. Keep an eye on this fantastic company.

Source Link Beer-flavored lollipops fall flat – NY Daily News.

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