So you work a lot of overtime, and the government takes most of your earnings. You get no bonus or wage increase and life basically stinks. How does an employer inspire workers in this environment? With bonus black market Choco Pies of course.

No this is not the United States or the United Kingdom. Unfortunately these countries have no black market methods to inspire the average worker. The Choco Pie black market is an industry of North Korea. Factory managers in North Korea have been giving out unsanctioned Choco Pies to help motivate employees and create a more enjoyable workplace. We often hear about the sinister behavior of North Korea but this story shows a warm side. Anyone that loves Choco Pies this much must have a heart of gold.

Choco Pies

Choco Pies are tasty marshmallow filled chocolate cakes produced in South Korea. They have become the most popular South Korean product in all of North Korea. You can get up to 10$ per Choco Pie on the North Korean black market yet on Amazon you can get 24 pies for about the same price.

Unfortunately the North Korean government has started enforcing rules that limit South Korean products. This means Choco Pies are even harder to get. Factories are now handing out sausage and noodles as a replacement. I imagine this is not going over well with factory workers in North Korea. While this heinous action by the North Korean government is disturbing, it may also be their downfall. Once you take away the Choco Pies, people may turn on you in the end. Give back the Choco Pies!


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