Protect against sun damage – Yes eating chocolate may actually help protect you from the sun.

Reduce cravings – It sounds odd, but chocolate can be used as an effective way to reduce your appetite.

Protect your heart – Chocolate is good for valentines and real hearts.

Aid muscle recovery – Athletes will be happy to know that chocolate can help their muscles recover quickly.

Ease anxiety – Eating chocolate is a great way to reflex and reduce stress.

5 reasons to eat chocolate


Despite its reputation as a fattening dessert, chocolate is now being extolled as a “health food” that ostensibly offers a host of health benefits, from slashing stroke risk to whittling your waistline. Backed by a body of research,  a compelling case in defense of the sweet stuff, proving that the chocolate-as-health food hypothesis isn’t just a funny gimmick—it’s scientifically correct.

Pure, unadulterated cacao, or cocoa, contains the highest concentration of flavonoids—an antioxidant-rich phytochemical also found in green tea, apples and red grapes—which is why it’s important to seek out dark chocolate bars with at least 60 to 70 percent cocoa.

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