Why Candy is Not Just For Kids Anymore

Why Candy is Not Just For Kids Anymore

Candy production and advertising has focused on children for many years. In 2006 something changed all that. The Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative was created in response to growing concerns about overweight children. Food and candy producers agreed to voluntarily increase their focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and eating choices. Leading candy companies including Hershey’s, Mars and Nestle are committed to this program.Candy-healthThis change inspired a wide range of wonderful new products that focus primarily on candy for adults. Healthy adult candy options may seem like a contradiction but the trend shows that adults are in fact buying more candy for themselves. Here is a list of some of the wild new flavor options you can find today:

  • Pink grapefruit grape-seed Gummy Bears
  • Reishi mushroom and walnut dark chocolate
  • Bacon and chocolate of every kind
  • Sea-salt caramels, natural mango, hot chili, and odd vinegar candy

Organic sweeteners and genuine fruit extracts are part of making candy healthier. Nutritional enhancements such as vitamins are also being explored as a way to promote healthy eating. You can read more about this fantastic new trend via the source link below.

Source Link  Supermarket News.

Candy Party Ideas

Candy Party Ideas

Candy is the best way to enhance any party. You can use candy to develop all sorts of colorful sweet theme ideas for your guests. Do not waste the occasion with ordinary bowls of sweets just laying around. You can create wonderful bouquets, a dramatic centerpiece, or an entire buffet dedicated to nothing but delicious candies. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Candy Centerpiece Ideas

A centerpiece is an important item of display used to convey a key design element of your party. The centerpiece is usually placed in the middle of the table to draw attention, joy and appreciation from your guests. You can combine many types of candy, flowers or other objects that relate to your party theme. Here are few excellent candy centerpiece examples.


Gumdrop Wreath: huckleberryprairie.com

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Candy Centerpiece – Source: sharonelizabethrowley.blogspot.com


Candy Centerpiece – Source – Unknown

Candy Table Ideas

With a candy table you go way beyond the centerpiece to create a large kaleidoscope of delicious treats and playful ornaments filling the entire table. I like to think of the candy table as a giant centerpiece for the entire party. Combine with chocolate fountains or ice sculptures for a truly dramatic experience. Here are a few examples of fun candy table ideas.



Candy Table – Source: athome.kimvallee.com


Candy Table – Source: sinrecetasdelaabuela.blogspot.com.es

Candy Station Ideas

A candy station is a small table dedicated to allowing your guests to self-serve various treats and desserts. You can have multiple stations to allow for all tastes. Keep in mind that some guest may require sugar free desserts. With a candy station you can have one table dedicated to sugar free only and other stations for everyone else.


Candy Station - Source: carlhouse.files.wordpress.com

Candy Station – Source: carlhouse.files.wordpress.com

Candy Station - Source: thespecialday.net

Candy Station – Source: thespecialday.net

Candy Buffet Ideas

The candy buffet is a large version of the candy station. The buffet should be focused self- service to provide easy access for all guests. The buffet is generally considered more functional when compared to the centerpiece or traditional candy table. You can combine ideas from the centerpiece and table to compliment your buffet with a unified party theme. Here are a few great examples of a candy buffet.


Candy Buffet -Source: weddingwindow.com

Candy Buffet -Source: weddingwindow.com

Candy Buffet - Source: irenebakelove.blogspot.com

Candy Buffet – Source: irenebakelove.blogspot.com

Candy Bouquet Ideas

A candy bouquet operates just like a floral bouquet with your favorite treats instead of flowers. They can be used as party favors or for the centerpiece itself. A candy bouquet can also make a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Give each guest a candy Bouquet to take home. This will help make a memorable party. Here are a few ideas for candy bouquets.


Candy Bouquet - Source: keywordpictures.com

Candy Bouquet – Source: keywordpictures.com

Candy Bouquet - Source: craftyincrosby.com

Candy Bouquet – Source: craftyincrosby.com

Bazooka “Transformers Age of Extinction” Candy

Bazooka “Transformers Age of Extinction” Candy

To celebrate the new “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie, Bazooka will create a special collection of limited edition Transformer candy out of Bazooka favorites. Bazooka Push Pop, Big Baby Pop, Ring Pop, Mega Mouth and Juicy Drop Pop will be transformed to promote “Age of Extinction”. New packaging will feature characters from the film. Transformers and Bazooka make a great team by combining two of the worlds most loved brands in cinema and candy.

Age of Extinction_00The candy collection will convey the exciting world of Transformers art. Kids from all ages can collect their favorite candy and character combinations. Special details for some products will include things like: promotional packs of Juicy Drop Pop include one of seven free collectable charms with characters and icons from the movie. Push Pop packs will include one of 10 free collectable Tazos, with fans sure to want to get the complete set. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” opens June 27. Don’t miss your favorite Bazooka treats with a Transformer flavor.

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The Official State Candy – Salt Water Taffy

The Official State Candy – Salt Water Taffy

Salt water taffy is due become the official state candy for New Jersey. A group of astute fifth graders from Sayreville’s Samsel Upper Elementary School testified before a government panel this week to make their love of Salt Water Taffy official. Making Salt Water Taffy the official state candy will help attract tourism and business activity for the Jersey coast. Salt Water Taffy is truly a local treasure with a rich history born on the boardwalks of New Jersey.


Interestingly, salt water taffy has no salt water in it. In the late 1800s a young entrepreneur opened a taffy store on the New Jersey boardwalk. One fine evening the tide took him by surprise and soaked the taffy stand in salt water. The next morning a little girl approached the stand and asked if she could have a piece of salt water taffy. The rest is history. This sweet history gave the world its first salt water taffy. For more information visit the New Jersey shore or the source links below.

Source – Bill to make  NJ state candy advances | NJ.com

Source – Salt Water Taffy NJ’s State Candy | WFUV Radio

What Happens When You Mix Beer and Lollipops?

What Happens When You Mix Beer and Lollipops?

It sounds compelling. Take two things people absolutely love and combine them to make something new. We consume millions of gallons in beer each year and more lollipops than you can imagine. It was only matter of time before someone created the elusive Beer Lollipop, and that time is now.Lollipops

The Lollyphile candy company has a rich history of experimental Lollipop research. They already produce wine and whisky lollipops in a variety of unusual flavors. Their vegan approved breast milk lollipop is a taste to behold. If Lollyphile produced a movie it would be something like Frankenstein Meets Willy Wonka in the Lollipop Factory.

Lollyphile has taken a bold step into uncharted Beer Lollipop waters. They have produced a line of lager, and stout lollipops based customer demand. These lollipops are controversial. A recent independent taste test by a group of beer aficionados gave these new lollipops a very low grade. Even so, they are selling quite well and developing a cult following. In my view the control group for this taste test was flawed. Beer aficionados are easy to find. Finding test subjects that love beer and lollipops equally is not as easy.beer

You can read more about the taste test and results through source link below. No matter how you feel about beer lollipops one this is certain. Lollyphile is a candy innovator. Keep an eye on this fantastic company.

Source Link Beer-flavored lollipops fall flat – NY Daily News.