Easter Candy Week – The Good & Not So Good

With Easter week upon us, here are a few fun points about the good and bad in Easter Candy:

  • The worst Easter candy, is low quality ‘chocolate’ bunnies made with partially hydrogenated oil instead of cocoa butter and hardly any actual cocoa at all.
  • A milk chocolate or white chocolate rabbit lacks as many of the heart-healthy polyphenols that dark chocolate offers.
  • Homemade candy does offers the option of using higher-quality, real-food ingredients (such as dark chocolate, fruit or coconut) than pharmacy-purchased candy
  • Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter eggs have 170 calories. Compared to the classic two-cup Reese’s peanut butter cups package, you’ll save calories and fat.
  • Where chocolate bunnies are concerned, a high-quality dark chocolate rabbit such as a Lindt gold foil-wrapped bunny offers some healthy polyphenols


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